Back…to the tech shop!

For my theater award, I was planning on once again working crew for some show this semester, but it turns out I have too many evening conflicts.  At the suggestion of Jerry I joined the “paint crew.”  I showed up today to learn that “paint crew” means “cleaning the paint table” and “building shit.”  My soul broke a little when Kathryn and Mark were discussing my role and Mark said, “We trained you on tools, right?”  I had to remind him that I worked for/with him (with tools) for 2 and a half years.  Ouch.

Soul healed a little when Jack told me I look good in the shop, and Brian told me I was still one of his favorites.  I’m just happy they remember who I am.

My roommate just landed her dream job.  Now people keep asking me where I’m going to work.  Yeeeeeep.

One response

  1. That is just about the saddest story . . . . don’t they rememeber the blood, sweat, and tears you poored into your work??????   If it makes you feel any better, had they seen me in the tech shop, they probably would have asked me if I was lost . . . . I think I’ve forgotten all my tool knowledge.  I’m officially a ‘desk person.’

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