While the rest of the world is going crazy over finals, I’m throwing myself party after party.  Kind of.  It’s basically just one big weekend of fun which I like to call a nerdfest.

Friday was Imogen Heap, and she was amazing.  Before that, Lacy and I met up with Angi at Applebee’s.  We ordered beverages youngest to oldest, and it went like this:

R: Can I get a Killian’s please?
L: An Irish coffee, please?
A:  I want a milkshake.  A chocolate one.

I’m proud to call these girls my role models.  So then we split, and Lacy and I went to the concert.  We were standing in line outside for a short while, and I couldn’t help noticing the differences between London and Minneapolis.  Not as many parking garages in London, for one.  And I always felt safer in London.  While we were in line, a man came up to us with a subway cup and a harmonica and sang “Can you give me a quarter/or maybe a dime/If you don’t got a dime/Then I’ll take a quarter.”  Maybe because I lived just a short walk from the most expensive house in the world, and the only real run-in I had with a street person was the “Does anybody want a shag?” man.  Then there are just the social norms that nobody breaks there…you don’t queue-jump, and you don’t talk to strangers while you wait, even if a random man walks past you shouting “You are in the right line!  Unless you don’t have a ticket, because we are sold out!”  This happened and I remarked, “How does he know we’re in the right line?  He doesn’t know what we’re waiting for.”  The two men in front of us chuckled at that, and one said, “You’re waiting for Gwar, right?”  I laughed, got a secret thrill that musically-challenged me had even heard of Gwar (if only from Empire Records), and we all stopped talking.  At least that last part was British.

So that was Friday.  Yesterday was the whole cupcake-extravaganza, followed by Greek Pizza.  Today I finished my paper and decided to celebrate the actual end of my semester by making Christmas cards.  Totally geeky, I know.  But I think I outdid myself by finishing the night with “High School Musical.”  At least I can blame my roommate for that one.  Tomorrow it continues with Tom Stoppard at the Guthrie!  Very thrilling.

I wonder why I’ve suddenly started writing in here again.  Must be overcaffeinated.

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