Focus on the good

Good things are happening.  The play just ended – I should be at the party right now, but I smell funny and would rather shower and deal with my messy room.  Yes, I’m a loser.  And really, halfway through my last run as a flying garbage can, I realized that I have never felt less cool.  Not just the trash probe – I got over myself enough to enjoy it – but the skintight hood did not help.  Nor did seeing Jerry wearing heels and realizing he is more feminine than I am.  Or sheepishly admitting to myself that my haughty attitude towards a girl who annoyed me was unnecessarily mean and unforgivably bitchy.  I’m in a bit of a mood, so going to a party with a bunch of people who may have stepped on me in the not-so-distant past just doesn’t sound that appealing.

Back to the good things.  I have time to live and relax and work and be clean again.  I have just four days of class remaining this semester, and only 2 papers rather than finals.  I get to see Lacy and  Imogen this week and Tom Stoppard the next — I don’t even know if I can handle all the nerdish joy.  And I’ve only just found out that the whole family is going to be home for Christmas (I know there are only five of us, but it was more difficult than it seems).  Every bit of it thrills me.

Have just realized the only thing I’ve had to eat today was a root beer float…and some almonds.  Hmm.  Should remedy this, except have no food.  Maybe another root beer float?  Does that count as food?

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