My Collegiate Stage Debut

…will not be as a spaceship, as previously predicted.  No, before I get to play the role of two tie fighters, I get to be…drumroll…the Trash Probe.

That’s right.  I am a flying trash can.  Okay, I’m not it, exactly, I’m “manipulating” it.  Everytime the director says “Rachel, could you manipulate the Probe like this” a little piece of me dies.  Probably my dignity.  My homework assignment is to come up with Trash Probe noises, which I get to make as I manipulate my way around the stage. And I get a line, which I’ve already forgotten – something like “target realized” said like a robot.  Like a flying, talking, robotic trash can.

24 hours ago I was embarassed at the thought of being a space ship, and look what happened.  I am positively terrified of tomorrow.

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