The things I do

My roommate has skipped the country again.  So I’m alone in the apartment and am basically letting it fall to pieces around me.  By that I mean I haven’t done the dishes in two days — ooh Rachel, you badass.  It’s been okay; even though I have class on Monday and Tuesday, I’m considering this part of my break.  Yesterday I read, went out for ice cream with Steve, watched Family Guy, and read some more.  Today I helped maintain Jenna’s sanity at the Festival of Cultures, which meant I trailed after her as she made sure all the booths had enough napkins and whatnot, and ate pink tapioca with a plastic spork.  Culture tastes better on a spork.

Tonight I am going to a party in celebration of the new Bond flick, so we’re all supposed to be dressed like spies.  Jenna’s going as Agent 99 (from Get Smart); most of the boys will probably be Bond himself.  Me?  I’m going as Harriet M. Welsh.  Harriet the Spy.  I just figured it was either try to be a Bond Girl with a name like Sexy McInnuendo and end up looking like an even geekier version of myself, or just go as a geek in the first place.

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