A musical journey

Lately I’ve been thinking that maybe my radio is psychic.  I mean, I know I rate the songs and have some control and all that, but how does it know that of all the songs I have top-rated, “Have a Little Faith in Me” is my all-time favorite and I need to hear it at least once every day?  How does it know when I am in desperate need of a little Gary Jules, or Robert Palmer, or Aerosmith?  So my radio is on as usual, but at such a low level and in the midst of so much office chaos that even I can’t hear it…until, as if on cue, the entire office goes deadly silent just in time to hear Aerosmith announce that “Sex is like a gun, you aim you shoot you run.”  Excellent.  Not only is my radio psychic, it likes to play practical jokes.  And has amazing comedic timing.

I have discovered my one true talent: emo hair.  Every morning I spend hours (okay, minutes) trying to shelac my hair into a style – not even a style, just a simple “get out of my eyes” sort of thing that I pretend looks like Mandy in “How to Deal” but actually more closely resembles Hugh Grant in anything.  My hair hates this, fights it with all its might, instead aiming itself forward over just one eye into what can only be described as the perfect emo combover.  I mean, it just screams angsty teenager.  So there we are, my hair and I, locked in a battle to the death until I finally break out the mousse and we strike a compromise: a look that I pretend is professional but really makes me look like the fifth Beatle.  That way nobody wins, especially not the people that have to look at me all day.

In other news,  I finally finished John Dos Passos’ USA Trilogy.  I think I’m supposed to write some sort of message for my classmates about this, but all I want to say is that after reading it, I felt hungover.  Apparently all people did in the early 20th century was drink and “get fresh” with each other and then “earn some jack” so they could do the same thing the next night.  I wouldn’t say I liked this book, but I am glad I read it…I have a feeling that’s how this class is going to go.


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