Jenna Linn, Angi, Lizz, Gaby, Kat, Karen, Krista, Katie, Keely, Kristin, Jesse, Anna, Anne, Heather, Jenni, Alina, Erin, Jessica, Jenna Lynne, Jen E, Sabrina.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Tomorrow I’m moving for the eighth time (also ridiculous) and I’m so excited.  I’ve had a good time this summer – a lot more fun than I thought I would have – but I’m ready to be spoiled…new apartment.  Clean bathroom.  Own washing machine/dryer. Full size cardboard cut out of Johnny Depp.  Ball pit (oh, it’s happening.  I am finally going to realize this dream).   Tent.  Sabrina.  Two ottomans (of all the furniture in the world for me to own…).  My own room.  The potential for craziness is great.

One response

  1. Hey punk, you might need to add 1/2 Anna onto this year’s roommates. I am heading to the Cloud on Wednesday… I will be attached to your hip! I’m going to call you soon, that is when I can get my head out of my ass (not sure why I wrote that but for some odd reason it feels appropriate.)

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