Do it on your tippies

This is the weirdest day…this office, which usually holds seven people, is down to just two.  I am one of those two.  The lights are off to save energy, and because I have no bosses, I have no tasks.  So I’m sitting in the dark, by myself, doing nothing but stay awake.  It’s more difficult than it seems.

I accidentally took an hour for lunch today.  You know how it goes…you’re slightly hungover, and you know the only thing that will fix it is a Subway, but the one that’s close has a broken card machine and you have no cash, so clearly you must drive ten miles out of your way to get to the next Subway at the peak of lunchtime rush.  Clearly a bad decision as I was so desperately needed in the office.

So I have another roommate…for the next two weeks.  As you know, I have this bizarre need to turn everyone’s names into songs.  Current roommate Jenna, who, for reasons that will become clear to you only when you achieve Nirvana, has been renamed Manolo, is forever taunted by the Muppets (Manololo – doo doooo doo doo doo!)  The new roommate’s name is Jen Etten, so for two days I have had Bo Bo Jen Etten-Etten running through my head, but then I don’t know any more words (are those words?).

I need a hobby.  And a haircut.  And maybe some friends.


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