So make the most, stop burning the toast

Wednesday: the great escape…I ran away to my favorite place in the world to see one of my favorite people in the whole history of the world.  Guess.

Yesterday.  I got out of bed, I got ready for work, I grabbed my purse and headed for the door…but for whatever reason, I just couldn’t make myself go through it.  I took a mental health day instead, or “played hooky” as it were.  It was fully productive in that I cleaned the apartment (necessary since I recently dropped a plant and our couch and floor were still covered with dirt), paid bills, organized my desk, did laundry, and formulated a plan to kidnap my roommate at lunchtime.  I thought it would be easy to convince her not to go back to work in the afternoon (my plan was to say something like, “Hey Jenna, don’t go back to work in the afternoon.”)  but it turned out to be a difficult task, involving turning my own head into a magic eightball (do not try at home unless you want to feel your brain slosh against your skull; does not provide any magic answers, but it does make you forget the question).  Eventually I won, and we went to the above movie and had a grand old time.  Made me wonder, though – if I had a compass that pointed at what I wanted most in the world, where would that be?  Tragically the first thing to pop into my head was Cash-Wise Video rental.  I don’t know why.  Next was “to kiss Johnny Depp” but that’s not really a location, is it?  And even if it were to take me to Johnny Depp, it wouldn’t make Johnny Depp want to kiss me.  He would probably just look at me and think, “Why does that freakish girl keep staring at me?  Oh, right, I’m Johnny Depp” and get on with his Johnny Depp existence.  I’m probably better off just going to Cash Wise and renting his movies, after all.  My passionate desires are so damn sensible.  How annoying.

After that I had to come back to real life and go to work at Gary’s…where I sat on my bum most of the evening.  I was just finishing dishes when into my life and pizza joint walked the one and only Becca.  It was a random reunion, and I made her spend the night because it was a day of Bad Influence (me on other people, that is)…then again, what days aren’t?

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