Finds of the Day

This is a new segment in my journal/life, brought on by the fact that for the past week I have been organizing files spanning 2006 to 1973.  Best finds:

– A recipe for rhubarb pie
– A bill for something that says “chippendales design.”  After catching me in tears of laughter, Maureen explained that it was for chairs, or something.
– A post-it:  “22 Lost now found wagging their tails behind them”
– Directions for relaxing, breathing, and accupuncture
– A ten-year-old note from Maureen:  “Save this somewhere.  You’ll only need it if I get hit by a train.”
– Not found, but said by my boss Kristin as she walked out of the office: “I am going to get Fred Savage!”  No matter how you interpret that, it’s good.

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