The Wedding

While I was away this weekend, I got four messages on my apartment phone (I don’t even know the number) from an Asian couple who called me ‘punkin’ and wanted me to call them because they were coming to visit.  I’m kind of sorry I missed them, but then again no as the weekend was amazing.

Friday was packing, driving behind my father (AaaaaaH), checking in to the hotel, decorating the church, rehearsal, the Groom’s supper and a little time at the bar with the wedding party and later Lacy and Neal (my dates).  All that was alright — my family members all drive each other crazy, but in an endearing way.  Saturday I was up bright an early to get beautified…at Wal-Mart.  That’s where I got my hair done (she asked what I wanted and I said “Up.”  I didn’t want to suggest anything too tricky).  Then makeup and dress and excitement at the church for pictures.  Everyone was in awesome spirits, even the two flower girls (yes, two, ages 6 and 8), although their two year old brother did repeatedly tell me “No” and “Go” and, strangely, “Vaccuum.”

The service was excellent and short.  Typical weddings stuff: four bridesmaids, four groomsman, no special music.  Angela’s older brother walked her down the aisle in place of her parents, who couldn’t make it from Kenya.  Kevin and Angela alternated reading the scriptures, he in English and she in Swahili.  I didn’t cry; I couldn’t stop smiling.

The reception hall looked beautiful, and you should all tell my mother that even if you weren’t there.  You can also tell her that her speech was even more beautiful.  That may have been my favorite part, or maybe it was the traditional song and dance by Angela’s family.  Or witnessing firsthand the mad skillz of all of my aunts on the dance floor – one wonders how I came from this gene pool with no rhythm, although I rarely stopped dancing myself.  Maybe that was it.  Or maybe it was all of it, the celebration that brought together family from Africa, Minnesota, Massachusetts and even Alabama.  Who knows what was best; it was all amazing, and my opinion on weddings has improved drastically.


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