In brief:

Last few days in London: Great, especially the final party in the Red Lion in Soho.

Trip to Edinburgh: The traveling had its bumps, most notably the projectile-vomiting baby sitting behind me in the plane, but the city and weekend were AMAZING.  I walked alot, shopped a little, drank much coffee and a good amount of wine…fantastic.

Getting home = 24 hours of travel, from Cynthia’s flat (my other place fell through at the last minute so she took me in, redeeming my opinion of her entirely) to my house.  I had to drag all my stuff from Northern London to Gatwick via two tube lines and a train, which was not fun at all.  Thank goodness for kind strangers, who were probably just happy to get me out of the country.

My celebrity sighting: Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, in the Gatwick airport, within minutes of boarding my plane.  My one and only celeb…it was a good one.

More exciting sighting: My family, including Lacy.  I missed them.

Since then: Turned 21 and broke my streak of not getting sick after drinking.  Revisited some old haunts, such as Lulu’s, Old Navy, Caribou, Old Chicago, Chipotle, my old apartment…and my car.  Spent not enough time with Anna and now she’s leaving me.

Now: Am in my new apartment, which is actually Keely/Kristin/Katie C’s old apartment, which is kind of random.  I theoretically have a roommate, but I have yet to meet her and she has no stuff here.  I have two other roommates yet am alone at the moment.  My groceries consists of one can of coke in my fridge and two bottles of Kronenbourg in Steve’s.  The Steve/Rachel reunion went like this: I was on campus for about thirty seconds, rounded a corner and bam! there he was, decending the stairs.  So Cool.

I’m only here for tonight…tomorrow back home for some work/packing, then on to The Wedding that is eating our lives.  18 months of planning for like a 4 hour event…after this, I understand those who elope, and I’m barely involved.  Back here on Sunday to start work, which will be nice.  I really, Really, REALLY need an income and some structure to my life once again.


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