Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeee….and Becca!

I’m home now.

There’s more to say than that but I am just killing time until my laundry is finished, and then I’m going to go to Lacy so we can celebrate my 21st birthday.  I’m 21 now…interesting.

Some good quotes:

“Remember how we were complaining about not seeing celebrities?  Yeah…I just saw the Queen.” – Steve
“That’s Andrew Lloyd Webber!” – British dude next to me points out the infamous ALW as he walked past me in Gatwick, my only celebrity sighting and possibly as cool as the Queen
“I had a weekend off once…when was that?” – My dad, after I asked if anything happened while I was gone.
“Ahhhhh!  You’re back!  I haven’t even listened to your voicemail yet!” – both Anna and Sabrina
“Where am I right now?  I’m in the apartment.  Why, are you gonna burst through the door?  Omigod, are you?  If you are, do it right now!” – Sabrina is excited to see me
“Your mother is above average.” – Anna
“Oh yes, when I was 18 I drank like a fish.” – My above average mother
“Happz b-daz.” – Matt


One response

  1. Thanks for honoring me with your drunk call Rachel!  Sorry I couldn’t answer, I was preoccupied.  We have to make plans to see each other soon.  I will call you sometime to see what we can work out.

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