I feel like I can update this thing with pride today because yesterday I was so darn productive.  I had no class but I still got out of bed at 10 to go to the V & A museum with Katie.  We looked at a fashion display for part of one of eight “excursions” we have to do around London.  Anyway, it was pretty cool – dresses from the 1790s that made me think of Pride and Prejudice, suits from the 1800s that made me think of Colin Firth…and a dress made out of converse shoes, don’t forget that.  We also wandered through the Korean hall which was inexplicably filled with Americans.  Apparantly that’s where we all hang out now, didn’t you get the memo?

After the V&A I took the tube to Waterloo station to meet up with Laura and secure some tickets to Paris for spring break.  That was accomplished relatively cheaply so all is well there.  Then I went off on my own from Waterloo to the Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum for another “excursion.”  The museum was cute, had really good jasmine tea (I had a whole pot to myself, obviously, since I was doing this alone), and contained an item labeled “Probably the Largest Teapot in the World.”  Yes.  That, my friends, is amazing.  Probably.

Next I did some walking and tube-hopping to the Sir John Soane Museum – another assignment, but for art class, not an excursion.  That was probably the most random museum I’ve ever been in, with the possible exception of the one in Renville.  Anyway, I looked at some art by William Hogarth and then wandered about for a while and ended up reading in a park that had more dogs than people.  I suddenly felt that I was in the midst of the movie Lady and the Tramp.

Next up: another museum, but this one just for myself and not an assignment.  I went to the National Gallery and geeked out over art – Monet, Seurat, Cassatt, Van Gogh…it was heavenly.  By the time I finished with that it was about five and I was ready to head home, when my eye was caught by a shoe store.  Filled with shoes.  All marked 5 pounds.  I think I blacked out, I was so excited…only to realize the entire store was filled with super cute shoes that were all one size too small.  I almost wept.  I managed to find and buy one pair because hell if I was going to leave without a prize, but it was still a tragic moment for me.


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