Guess who got a free haircut today?  It’s me!  It’s me!  Pictures…eventually, but right now I’m still dealing with the whole crashed-computer scenario.  I am again in the lab, having just finished my homework for tomorrow’s class.  It’s pathetic/amazing how little homework I do here…

Anyway, this is the best game ever, so I’m sharing it with those of my friends who do not read Anna’s journal.  Google “(Your name) looks like” and see what the results are.  Here are my best…

Rachel looks like a fluffy pink cupcake.
Rachel looks like a good girl, but seems to be a bad girl at heart.
Rachel looks like an elephant dancing.
Rachel looks like she should be sprawled out across the hood of a Ferrari.
RACHEL looks like she’s considering morphing into a lion and ripping him to shreds.


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