Went to this movie tonight at the cheap cinema in Leicester Square.  I went by myself; it was a totally random decision and it was great.  The movie was pretty good too, although Matthew McFadyen is not Colin Firth, and therefore NOT Mr. Darcy…

Yes.  So.  Am I in school?  Because it’s really hard to tell…I only have classes the three days a week (and sometimes not even that much).  The days and weeks run together; all I know is I’m completely in love with London.  I know I’m getting an unfair perspective; we are staying where only the richest live (and what do the students in my building do?  Throw condoms into their backyard).  And I know I haven’t been here that long – what, a month?  And I know I’ve had my annoyances – being stuck in tube transit hell for over an hour because of “trespassers on the track;” everything being ridiculously expensive; being cold and lost – sometimes in the same area – more than once; missing people from home.  But that’s much outweighed by all the good things, like today’s day trip to Dover, or my random runaway to the cinema, or seeing a show in the West End.  Gah.  Life is good.


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  1. Wow, your life sounds almost identical to mine!  Except that I’m in St. Joe, MN, have class M-F, work, and do not live in the rich area of anywhere….is there a rich area in St. Joe??
    Well, hoping you’re having a great time and I’m glad you still find time to go to movies by yourself even now that you’re in London.

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