Trying New Things

So last night I dreamt that Gabe tried to kill me with a gun which, in retrospect, looked a lot more like a plastic straw than anything deadly.  Anyway, I told him that this morning, and he said, “that’s okay, you called Jesus a drunk in a dream I had the other night.”  Apparently, in this dream, I told Gabe that Jesus didn’t really start preaching or getting all radical until he started drinking wine.  Don’t worry, I don’t agree with the Gabe’s Dream Version of myself, but it’s funny nonetheless.

I don’t know what brought about my dream – I mean honestly, people are always trying to kill me in my sleep, I don’t even worry about it anymore – but Gabe’s was definitely induced by our Wednesday night activity, which went like this:
– walking tour of the theater district for Studies in Drama
– Gloucester Arms for, in my case, a rum & coke and a gin & tonic, the second of which I did not enjoy, but Try New Things is the motto of this trip
– the little grocery store for some Sprite and vodka
– P&A and Sprite & Vodka in the flat

Yes, so Steve and I pretty much destroyed that bottle of vodka.  AKA, it destroyed us.  I would like to say that, like the other two times, it is all Steve’s fault, but the evidence shows otherwise.

Wait, wait.  I want to know when my life and xanga turned into Rachel’s Drinking Misadventures.  I mean, three times in less than a week?  Drunk on a Wednesday?  I was even drunk in Gabe’s dream!  Who am I?

If you answered that question with either “24601” or “Jean Valjean,” prepare to be jealous of me.  Last night, I went to Les Miserables with Steve, Jess and Marg, and it was amazing!  I’ve seen it once before, but it was much better last night…it even cured my hangover (with a little help from McDonald’s) and now I must go out and buy this cd, which, by the way, was recorded down the street.

So you can see I’m returning to my old dorky self again…geeking out about musicals, staying in on a Friday, not drinking again for a long while…but I’m not upset about anything I’ve done.  Like I said, Trying New Things.  Like the fortune cookie said, “How can you expect a beautiful ending if you don’t make beautiful mistakes?”

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