So, yes…this is all true

Oh crap, why don’t I ever think to write down what I do when I do it?  Maybe because by that time I’m too busy doing the next thing…no, that’s not it.  Probably I’m just lazy.

Currently I’m living up to that label…it’s 2 p.m., and I’m slouching on my bed bumming around the internet rather than going out and greeting the world.  I have plans for today.  Big plans that involve the post office, H&M, Peter Pan, homework and a pub…but right now I’d rather sit here and eat handfuls of Honey Nut Shredded Wheat…in LONDON!  (I had to add that so you don’t find me boring)

Let me try to recap the madness that’s occurred in my life…let’s see, I arrived on the 5th, moved into the flat, got a walking tour of the area, and passed out on my bed because I hadn’t slept in 27 hours.  When I woke up five hours later I was probably still a little out of it, because I decided to play a drinking game with some flatmates and had some really disgusting and cheap thing called Scrumpy’s.  And that was my first legal drink…too bad.  The only others I’ve had yet were wine during a meal of bread and cheese with my roommate Jess and friend Steve, and something called a Snakebite (or as Steve and I dubbed it, Peer Pressure in a Glass) during an orientation party at the student pub.

Anyway…the next few days involved orientation, a walking tour of Kensington (the ritzy borough I call my home), a bus tour of all the recognizable things (Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the London Eye, Harrod’s, Buckingham Palace), and a lot of walking.  Steve, Jess and I got lost on purpose through Hyde Park (look at a map…it’s a friggin’ huge park) and I played chicken with a squirrel and lost.  The other night Steve and I set out to find a pub but instead we jumped on the tube, accidentally found bumper cars and a bowling alley, took pictures of Big Ben and the Eye in the dark, and wandered over the Thames and around Picadilly.  When we came back we watched my new favorite show, Quizmania, where people call in to play games like “will this can of beans sink or swim?” and “Guess the Fruit!”  Thank you, British television, for being the light of my life.

Classes began on Tuesday with Cynthia’s Senior Sem.  that one’s the tough one since it starts at the ridiculously early hour of 10 a.m.  It should be interesting, though I haven’t started my homework yet.  Wednesday there’s Art History.  We’re going to a museum literally ever class period, and possibly one weekend to France (whose life is this?).  That’s immediately followed by Studies in Drama.  Thursday is just British Cinema, and it’s me, a guy named Tim, and three students from Bosnia: Samir, Mubera and Daniel.  Our professor is fun, I love the way she says “cinemaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” and that rounds out the classes, meaning I don’t have any today (Friday), though everyone else does. Mwahaha.

I could go into so much more detail about everything, but I really do want to leave the flat today, and I’m sure I’ve written more than anyone wants to read anyway (including myself in the future…hi, self in the future!).  I’m off!


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