Last afternoon at the tech shop today.  It was bittersweet.  I took a vote*, and I officially have the weirdest job on campus.  After two and a half years, all I can say is that I’m really good at carrying stuff.  And I get to use phrases like “fly out the main rag” and “cyclorama.”  And I’ve witnessed Lorie Line play OutKast on the keytar, and learned about recycling via the majesty of “Magic School Bus”-style songs, and I’ve heard the line “better answer yes or poppa spanka” a kajillion** times.  I’ve also dropped a brick on my finger, a file cabinet on my foot, and dozens of tables and platforms on various body parts throughout my time there.  But at what other job can you spend the afternoon singing Labyrinth songs and debating comic books while drawing members of an ancient Greek jury or painting purple trees?

I won’t be so nostalgic tomorrow, when my last event is stage managing an elementary school concert.  Oh boy.  Pray for me.

*I’m the only one who voted, but if you voted you would agree.
**Technical term.


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