Current mood: Euphoric.

Just got back from my final London meeting (before all the meetings we will have in London, of course…which is only a month away…), and I am about as excited as life can allow.  I’m still terrified and worried about everything, of course, but there were so many good things about the meeting that it seems to be outweighing the nerves.  Even the fact that I have to go to Gary’s in an hour (but it’s my last day! and I’m only working until 7, not 2:30!) cannot kill my joy.  Sure, I may have worked 38 hours this week and around 40 the week before…I may be way behind on my Christmas shopping/things to do before London list…I may have a ten page paper due Tuesday…I may be losing half a letter grade because I’m skipping Tuesday’s night class (for Aerosmith, so I am justified)…but it’s okay, because I’ve got a four-month vacation coming my way.  Just take a gander at this class schedule, which I got today:

Monday: no classes for anyone!
Tuesday: 10-1 Senior Seminar with Cynthia, who is so cool
Wednesday: 2-5 Art History, 6-9 Studies in Drama, London & Theatre (okay, so Wednesday is my “long day…” but let’s compare that to my Wednesdays now, which invariably begin with class at 9:40 and end with work ’til 1:30 a.m.)
Thursday: 2-5 British Cinema
Friday: I have no classes.

Yep.  I have three days of classes a week.  Amazing classes, involving art, theater, and film.  Four day weekends.  Weekends which will not be consumed by jobs of any sort; weekends free of pizza.  I will probably still be going to the theater, but will I be wearing all black and crawling around in the ladybug-infested catwalks, or holding the curtain open for people dressed as sheep, or aiming a spotlight at Lorie Line while she rocks out on the Keytar?  I don’t think so!

The “getting there” part still bothers me a little…the flight, obviously, since I am a worrying person; but all the stuff I have to do before.  That’s all the Very Important, Put-on-a-To-Do-List types of things, like buy an adapter for my computer, figure out how to do that wireless internet business, convince Oprah to give me a million dollars, etc.  But it’s also the Stuff I Care About – like spending as much time with my friends and family as is humanly possible.  Having a great Christmas and New Year’s.  Enjoying everything Here without worrying too much about getting There, and not losing my mind in the process.


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  1. Here’s a word of advice from me to you about London—Never ‘double up’ on adapters. Like condoms, it doesn’t work and often acheieves the opposite affect than intended (read: power outages) and when a man on the street in Picadilly Circus says that your henna tatoo will dry in ten minutes- he means more like an hour. Don’t believed him unless you want to ride the train with your shirt hiked up over you belly button. Otherwise–that schedule is INCREDIBLE! So much time to see plays and go shopping and see plays and see plays!! I hope you have the time of your life!

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