A transcription of the minutes of last night’s Becky Schwecke Fanclub meeting:

Anna: (in backseat of Lula the Lumina, eating frozen radishes which I’ve meant to throw out for a few days now) You know what radishes remind me of?
Rachel: (distracted) um…Sex?
Anna: No.
Rachel: (overexcited) FRAGGLE ROCK?
Anna: Yes!
– Pause –
Rachel: Wait, why am I more excited about Fraggles than sex?

I’m not sure who said the next part (I’m not good at taking minutes), but you can count on a good portion of it being giggles.  Then we pretty much decided that Fraggles are more exciting because they have a themesong you can clap along to, which we then demonstrated.

Best Fanclub Ever.


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