So I have to give an English presentation Tuesday (I guess that’s today) on the effects of blogs on the book world (my choice of topic…it seemed unique, and indeed it is, but a little more difficult than other, more traditional topics).  It seemed only natural to me that a presentation on a blog should include a blog of its own.  I am still in the early stages of it – even though it’s due at 5 p.m. – but if any of you would be willing to check it out, point out any errors (many links are broken, I know), let me know if I should delete any of the links or expand on anything (I’m not going to be reading this verbatim in my presentation, but will be draw on it and let the class have the link), that would be super.  Please do not comment there, since my professor will be reading it, but comment here if you feel moved to do so.

This post, and that presentation, made possible by the wonders of caffeine.


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