Have decided to make this post in manner of Bridget Jones, the recent object of my affection/obsession.  This is due to recently reading Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and watching both movies in the midst of a Colin Firthathon, which also required me to watch and now read Pride and Prejudice (the five hour miniseries with Mr. Firth, not the new movie).  Obviously had very productive break.  Within 24 hours had read one book, consumed one Lulu’s Blended, taken one nap, gone to one movie (Walk the Line, v. good), and eaten thousands of non-banana laffy taffys.  The rest of break was essentially the same until came back yesterday to work.  Got ridiculously swamped while was only person in kitchen, which frustrated me into putting in a one-week notice rather than two.  Hurrah!  Next Friday will be last day of smelling like pizzas.

Have only recently woken up today, and even though have massive assignment due Tuesday which must work on before Gary’s, have decided instead to watch E! True Hollywood Story of Saved by the Bell and eat granola bars.  It’s strange, I’m fully aware of how bad I’m making this situation on myself, but I just can’t seem to make myself care.


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