I’m super duper uber excited for my friend, the Princess.  I’m also excited that I can say I have a friend who is a Princess.  Can I be a Lady-in-waiting?  And Sarah, not that I’m pressuring you or anything, but BE ARIEL.  If I can’t be Ariel, I want to at least be friends with her.  If you have to be Snow White, that’s cool too, but I should let you know that I had a traumatic experience with a Snow White Halloween costume in my younger years, and if I have to learn to get over that along with the whole panic-inducing-fear-of-Mickey-Mouse thing, I might spend my entire trip to Disney World hiding under a table.  What I need to do is bring a little kid with me who will distract the mascots – they will go for him and I will slip away.  A decoy child, if you will.  Of course, it will have to be a smart little kid so he knows enough to meet up with me after he gives Mickey and Co. the slip.  Anybody know where I can find Short Round from “Temple of Doom”?

“Find decoy child,” I’ll add it to my to-do post-it, which right now says this:


…what does that say about me?


5 responses

  1. i will have to be ‘one of those things’ but I promise you I will never hug you when I am. I won’t even look at you, you’ll be like a shadow. I won’t make you look at pictures either so you don’t run away crying when you see me. It’ll be okay, peanut. We’ll get through this transition period…:)

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