I have the whooooooooooooole afternooooooooooon offffffffffffffff, and it is glooooooooorious…..

Haven’t done much lately but sleep and recover from the cold/plague that overtook me last week.  I spent yesterday using bits of string and loads of gaff tape to put the final touches on the set of Midsummer, and seven hours later I realized I still had pieces of tape stuck to my clothes.  Sweet.  I look like a hobo and smell like a pizza.

Just registered for classes.  By some random turn of events, I changed the life plan yet again….but at the moment, these are the classes I will be taking in London:
– Art History (the last elective I’ll ever take…)
– Film Studies (for both my majors)
– Senior Seminar
– Studies in Drama (English major)

Angi came over this weekend!  It was a ton of fun to see her and have her around good ole CSB again.  We went to “North Country,” which was good and exciting because of the MN-ties, but really, we don’t ALL sound like that.  Somebody needs to inform Hollywood that there are varying degrees of MinnesOOOOOOOOOtan, and they need to lay off a bit because when you overdo it you sound like a leprechaun.  And I don’t think I’ve ever in heard this sentence in real life: “Isn’t that a heckuva?”  A heckuva deal, sure, but just heckuva…who decided that.

Talked to my big bro on Monday.  He sounds worn out, and I agree with him that this has been a rather hellish half of a year for him/us/whatever, and he said that next year will just have to be doubly-good to make up for it.  It’s that whole logarithm thing – we’re at a low now, but happiness will come around again.

Time to run away.


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