So, I am at the tail-end of my long weekend.  What have I done?  I have lived, breathed and hated pizza, that’s what I’ve done…I started Wednesday with two hours of theater work followed by a bajillion hours at Gary’s.  I got to kick out some belligerent drunks, and one of them jumped on top of my car.  The car is fine, I don’t care to know about the drunk.  Thursday I went home by way of Best Buy, where I picked up mom’s birthday present: Season 3 of Quantum Leap.  She was ridiculously happy to get it.  So we spent a few hours talking and that was great…then I went to Marshall to visit Lacy and play trivial pursuit and drink coffee and eat pie (FREE pie, and the good stuff that they no longer carry in St. Cloud) and get a parking ticket, but most of that was great too.

Ever since then I have been making pizzas like a fiend.  I tell myself it’s worth it…just think about all the fun I’ll have in London!  I won’t have to work at all there!  I’ll travel around Europe!  But right now, it seems like my clothes will never stop smelling of pizza and the drunk boys will never stop referring to me as “Gary.”  And I dreamt about pepperoni, and I need to go back in two and a half hours, so now I need to spend my precious free time thinking about something other than pizza.  (Actually it’s not free time, it’s stolen time.  I’m definitely supposed to be working at the theater right now, and I was supposed to yesterday too.  Yesterday I did homework and went out to eat with Anna’s family, and today I’m taking some time for my mental health.  Hopefully my boss doesn’t ask about either day, because I’m sure “Gary’s is eating my soul” and “I had to go out to eat with my ex-roommate’s grandmother” will not seem like good excuses to him).

Ah, London.  London London London.  I’m so excited that I can’t think about it without hyperventilating, so I try to focus on the small stuff, such as, should I bring a computer?  When should I book my ticket (the answer to this one is, as soon as I can afford it)?  When should I return?  Where should I travel outside of London?  What celebrities will I get to see?  Will I get to see Barry, who is almost a celebrity?  Who is going to visit me? Huh???


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  1. London by way of pizza….kind of like a novel. I can’t wait to hear of your adventures. Krista told me she’s been making out with Irish guys….uh oh. Will Rachel be next, only this time with British ones? Watch out for their teeth. Yikes. I LOVE YOU

  2. hahahahahaha, oooh Rachel!  Thank you for that comment-so very much!  I know that if you were here, we’d find a nice bean bag somplace and a bowl of M&Ms and we’d cry into that bowl, then laugh because we are crying, then cry because we are laughing and we know that we should be crying.   Yes, that is really what I need.  A puppy would work too, but I might lose it if he peed on my clothes or something.  I know you don’t do that, or atleast you haven’t for awhile.   I miss you.

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