What a weekend.  Yes, I know it’s Tuesday – I’m just now recovering.  We’ll start with Thursday, when I cleaned and vaccuumed the apartment at midnight.  Apologies to the rest of the building, but it had to happen because Friday was uberbusy: nutrition class, nutrition lab (Kristin pricked my fingers), work 1-5 and then my mom and Lacy were coming to spend the night at my apartment (I told them both 5:30, gauranteeing that my mom would be there by three and Lacy by six.  I called my mom when I got home from work and she said she was in the parking lot, and Lacy called to say she was an hour away.  Am I good at this game, or what?).  Lacy came because it was her birthday weekend, and Mom came because she was volunteering at this Memory Walk for Alzheimer’s thing in St. Cloud Saturday morning.  She got involved while working at the nursing home, and she kept with it because she’s a better person than I’ll ever be.

Anyway, eventually the three of us went out to Sawat Dee because I was hellbent on introducing my mother to a restaurant other than Chipotle.  The experiment was successful.  Throughout our adventures, we were greeted by a parade of characters: dickers, Lizz, Anna, Pete, Alina, Jenni, Heather, Tony, Luke, Jesse…I was worried my mom would be uncomfortable, but in reality she laughed until she cried (I love it when she does this, because she keeps trying to tell her story but gets into such hysterics that after a while she’s speaking in an octave range usually only achieved through helium abuse) and pretty much just had a blast.  I got an e-mail from her today saying “Say hi to my college buddies!”  My mom is cool.

So is Alina, who made an apple “pie” Russian-style at about midnight, and explained to my mom, “I don’t know if anyone’s told you, but I’m from Europe.”  You’re kidding — and here I thought that accent was from Jersey…

So I slept on the floor until Mom left at sevenish for the Memory Walk, then I moved to the mattress on the floor of my room (like I’d make her get into the loft).  Then Lacy and I made a day of it, hitting up no less than five eating establishments (although consuming just one actual meal…strange) and two movies.  Is this not the definition of a good day?


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  1. It was certainly a most brilliant day for me!  Thanks for totally making my weekend!!  Much love!
    Ps.  I don’t think I’ve ever used that many exclaimation marks before…Hmmm.

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