It is time to stop being stressed and start taking advice from the amazing Keely – sometimes you just need to take a nap and get over it.

I went to church with Anna yesterday, and it was very good for me.  I liked the prayer of the day a lot, it spoke to me as a procrastinator:  “You call us to work in your vineyard and leave no one standing idle.  Set us to our tasks in the work of your kingdom, and help us to order our lives by your wisdom.”  I put it above my desk so maybe it will inspire (or shame) me into doing my homework rather than goofing off.  So far, it has inspired me to daydream about working in a vineyard.  It seems preferable to doing nutrition homework, which I have a hard time seeing as my calling in the work of God’s kingdom.

I may have missed the point.

PS if you want Puppy Chow or Rice Krispy bars, stop by the apartment.  Jenni and I went on a mad “baking” spree Saturday night and those were the results.


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