FACEBOOK, you are so unnecessary, stop trying to eat my life!

…I feel better now.

You know why I don’t write in here very much anymore?  And no, Facebook is not the answer (Facebook is never the answer).  It’s because all I do is work, and that’s not what you would call interesting.  I mean, sure, the olive guy was interesting, as are most of the drunk kids at Gary’s.  And the theater can get a little wild what with the forbidden M&Ms and the new and exciting ways of injuring myself.  Well, okay, maybe you would call it interesting…but I would call it exhausting.

Things to complain about:
– Lack of rest
– The “Gary Nightmares” – I finally get done making pizzas, go to sleep, and dream about making pizzas.
– Telemarketing has not paid me yet
– Gary’s hasn’t paid me yet
– I just realized I forgot to clock out last night, oops
– Nutrition class, pointing out how everything I eat or do is sure to cause death

“No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap” ~ Carrie Snow.  Amen.


One response

  1. I don’t like you working all these late nights… I’m so lonely!Maybe I need to recruit back up be lazy and procrastinate buddy on the nights you work… or just follow you to work and do your work for you and play cribbage.

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