Point one:  I am supposed to be doing my homework.
Point two:  Hellooooooo, xanga!

Ugh, so the past two weeks have been up to my usual standard of absurd.  Like I said, I didn’t get to go to my grandmother’s funeral, but my mom and aunt drove out together (quote mom: “It’s a good thing Karen and I lost our jobs so we can drive out to our mother’s funeral.”  If you can find the good thing in that sentence, let me know) and are actually just on their way back now.  My dad is going nuts being home alone, but in a selfish way I am glad, because it means he calls me a lot and asks me questions other than “have you seen the dog,” and is generally interested in what I tell him.  So that part is nice.

Other than family drama, I have worked a shit-ton.  The week before classes started, I worked 40 hours at the Alum Office (I am going to miss those ladies!), 16 hours at telemarketing, and 10 hours at…drumroll…Gary’s Pizza.  Yes, that’s right, I work at Gary’s now, serving up cardboard pizza to drunk college kids.  I quit telemarketing – and before you scold me, Sabrina, let me tell you all the well-thought-out reasons for my departure:

A) Gas prices jumped thirty cents in the two weeks I worked there, and are now fifty cents higher than that, so I started looking for a job that I would be able to walk to
B) I had to pay for parking, which meant I kept buying rolls of quarters and the girl at student accounts looked at me funny everytime
C) I didn’t like walking around downtown by myself at 9 or 10 at night because I am a scaredy-cat
D) I also didn’t think I could handle working four nights a week, the only way I could make my required 20 hours per week

So, Gary’s wanted me, and I made a decision.  Probably I shouldn’t have made that decision until after I realized the hours were 4 pm – 2 am, but you live and learn.  It’s okay — I mean, it’s not the classiest job in the world, but the only hard part is being on my feet for ten hours.  Maybe I like the look of pizza sauce stains on all my clothes.  The other plus side would be the drunk-kid quotes: on Thursday, a dude followed me into the kitchen and asked, “Hey – do you wanna eat olives together?”  And I was promised a free drink at Margaritaville(ma).  Too bad I don’t like olives…or free drinks.

And I’ve started at the theater again…same group of kids, so that’s exciting.  There are a few first-year girls who think it’s cool to wear skintight sweatpants to the shop (answer: no), but eh.  I have one pair of pants for both Gary’s and the tech shop, so I smell like a sawdust pizza, if there is such a thing.  Wait a minute…I am a sawdust pizza.

Oh yes, and classes.  They exist.  I exist.  Sometimes we exist together.  I have four: one night class which is going to be fun, we will be making paper.  Two comm courses, one with Keely () and one without ().  And Nutrition…with Anna.  Hoo boy.  That will be fun.  I’m thinking we should start sneaking in cheezdoodles or something.

And roommates!  I have three.  Heather, Alina, and Jenni.  It is an interesting relationship.  Heather and I have this system worked out where we almost never see each other, Jenni and I see each other in passing quite often – usually she is doing homework and I am about to watch a movie – and Alina and I only run into each other in the middle of the night…like last night, I was on the phone after work (at about 2:45 AM) outside the apartment building, and she walked by and gave me an Icee.  Yes.  We have a strange Symbiosis in Schu 6, but eh…it works for us.


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