I am throwing myself a Pity Party.  This involves allowing myself to buy things I shouldn’t, whining to anyone who will listen, randomly snapping at people who don’t deserve it, and ending every sentence with “…and if that’s not bad enough, I’m a telemarketer!”  So, before you fall victim to one of my moping tantrums, I apologize.

My grandmother died on Saturday.  She was 89 and sick so we’re not supposed to be too sad, but no one’s yet figured out how to do that.  It still hurts, and I feel oddly empty.  Since I cannot go to Massachusetts for the funeral I am left to my own devices to find some closure.  I’m thinking about changing my name to Zedana – just for a day.


One response

  1. Peanut, I feel your loss heavily and I know it must be so hard just to ‘accept’ it because you knew it was coming.  It still freaking hurts.  You would tell me stories of your grandma and I knew that meant you obviously cared for her.
    Whenever I feel like having a pity party, as you know, I find the nearest Victoria’s Secret and bury by head in silk and polyester.  Then I buy 5 pairs of uneeded underwear.  It might just work for you.

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