I went grocery shopping at about 11 last night.  Here was my list:

– soy milk
– cereal

Here is what came home with me:

– cereal
– A bagel
– Two small containers of sherbet (one for Lacy, one for me)
– Two BIG bottles of frappuccino (ditto)
– Lacy (but she came in with me, so I’m not sure if that counts)
– soy milk
– five movies

Now that’s what I call groceries.  I always trick myself into grocery shopping by promising myself I can rent a movie – a movie, singular.  This is a dual-purpose scheme because it gets me back into the grocery store a week later to return the movie.  It’s very practical.  So how exactly did last night’s grocery run turn into a movie splurge-a-thon?  There are two reasons for this, and they are called Lacy and Sarah.  Lacy really isn’t to blame for my inability to control myself, but she was there so I’m going to do it anyway.  Sarah, on the other hand, was not there in body but in spirit…why buy one when you can…

“BUY FIVE!” I accidentally squealed out loud in the middle of Cash-Wise (a rather ironic name when it comes to me).  And then I dove headfirst into the five-videos-for-ten-dollars bin, refusing to come out empty handed.  I am now the rather sheepish owner of The Incredibles, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Wimbledon, Alfie, and Max.  I have never seen the last two, but hey – a bargain is a bargain: something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist.

I know most of you are shaking your heads right now, rolling your eyes heavenward and chuckling…Rachel, Rachel, you say, you’re a nutbar.  When are you going to get some sense?  Those of you who are not doing this are called Anna, and you miss me and cannot wait to join in my movie-grocery excursions.  I miss you, too.


3 responses

  1. Rachel—How could you EVER regret-even mildly- buying the Incredibles?? And why, pray tell, was it in the 10 dollar bin!? I outcry!! However, I am more proud of you than ever. Way to employ the ‘why buy one when you can buy five’ rule. I am so glad to see that old habits die hard, even in the grocery store. That is true professionalism.

  2. Sarah uses that “why buy one when you can buy five?” trick on me, too. Unfortunately, it usually just means that I bought her half a new wardrobe and all I got was a smaller bank statement. Glad to hear you utilized the tool, though. And just kidding, Sarah.

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