I don’t want to alarm any of you, but we have a hostage situation in Schumacher.  I kidnapped Lacy.  Yep, that’s right, she’s been home less than a week and I’ve already stolen her.  I know you’re jealous.  So am I, for while she sleeps the day away in my bed, I try to look like I’m working when I’m actually desperately trying to keep my tired head from crashing into the keyboard.  At least my boss has gone now, and I can crank the radio.

So.  I left you all in a crazy rush last week, and I’ll try to play catch up now.  Not that anyone cares, although I read in the paper about some East Coast woman who got a book deal out of her bloggin’ popularity.  In case any of you out there are closet book publishers, I will forge ahead and do my random duty.

Our tragic tale begins last Tuesday, except it wasn’t tragic at all, just hectic.  I worked for three hours, drove home for 1.5, had five minutes to shovel salad down my throat before hopping in another car with Lacy’s parents to head to the cities.  Two hour drive…arrived three hours before her flight was to come in.  We killed time at the Barnes and Noble, then waited impatiently at the airport.  Learned a lot about Marlys, most notably that she uses the phrase “That way” a lot, just like Lacy used to say “and everything like that” and MC rocked “with that being said.”  These are the kind of things I notice.  When Lacy finally walked through the door, I sort of attacked her and caused her to drop her luggage.  I missed her.  Shocker.

Lacy missed me too, but it turns out she also missed Perkins, so we went to find one.  Brad drove past the one I knew on France and ended up, through a very random turn of events, almost at Keely’s house.  Two more hours in a car, then eleven in a bed, and I was ready for the rest of the Lacy vacation, which included, in no particular order:
-“Eleven on Top” (I love Stephanie Plum)
-Lulu Bean’s (I would live there if I could)
-random conversations with any combination of Lacy, me, Mark, Becca, Angi, Neal
-throwing my money away at the casino
-Scene It (team B.R.A. versus team Mark/Lacy, which really boiled down to Rachel versus Mark.  It was cutthroat.  I ended up losing the rubber, but I put up a good fight)
-“He’s kinda tall, he has hair and he wears t-shirts…sometimes?”
-kitties (I am covered with scratches, but totally worth it).
-Also spent a portion of my time with the family unit.

If my life were a rollercoaster, it would be like this: gentle rolling hills, rather calm and happy until BAM!, I’m upside down, spinning and backwards all at once.  The big events like to hit All! At! Once! just to toy with my senses.  As a rule, emotional calamities come in pairs.  So do sneezes; that’s another rule that I’ve never quite understood.  I am learning, now, to accept it; but if my mom becomes a romance novelist, I don’t know what I’m going to do.


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