I’ve got another confession to make.

The world is a musical, but most people aren’t singing out loud.  I, who cannot and should not sing ever, think in songs a lot.  First of all, everyone in my life has a themesong or a soundtrack of songs.  Also, people’s names are often butchered by my internal singing – and to the tune of very random songs indeed.  This is why it’s a struggle for me to say “Sarah Herold” and not follow it with “Safari Planet.”  Another example: I’ve been thinking of Lacy often recently – a given since she’s finally returning on Tuesday – and everytime I do, “New Age Girl” rattles threw my brain: “Lacy Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean…she’s an intellectual! Lacy Jean, Lacy Jean!”  (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the tune, you’re kidding yourself.  Everyone knows Mary Moon…she’s a vegetarian.)

Life is better when you’re singing inside.

Speaking of musicals, today I finally figured out how I sort of know Anne (themesong: “Soldier” by Destiny’s Child, because it is her cell phone ring), and it’s not from living with her for two months.  Today I was giving a tour of campus and showing off the pictures in front of the Forum.  My eyes were of course drawn to Safari Planet’s picture, when I noticed another face I recognized…Holy Cats!  Anne was a tap dancer in KMK!  I felt like running home and saying, hey, psuedo-roommate!  You remember that play you were in?  I was one of the girls in black you probably stepped on backstage!  We’re bonding now!  Then I remembered it’s Friday, and she doesn’t live there from Friday – Monday – and she’s moving out for good on the tenth.  Operation: Bond With Anne is a failure, but at least she’s acquired a new themesong…She better answer yes or poppa spanka.

You may be asking yourself: Why is Rachel so obsessed with music today?  Well, you would be, too, if you were being stalked by Huey Lewis.  Or something.  I heard “The Power of Love” twice yesterday, on two different radio stations, within a five minute timespan.  This is clearly a sign – not sure of what, but I am keeping my eyes peeled for Deloreans.


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