In clarification of previous statement, the glasses are purple, but the suspenders are not.  The suspenders are just, you know…suspenders.  They’re black and about two inches thick, and he wears them over everything because, as my mom puts it, “he’s an old man.  He has no waist.”  Practical?  Sure.  Fashionable?  About the opposite – which is about right for my father, who has only been fashionable twice in his life.  The first was in about 1972, when he embraced the Elvis-muttonchop look wholeheartedly.  The second was a complete fluke and passed, I’m sure, without my dad’s knowledge — the John Deere/Trucker Hat era.  Shudder.

But now…these glasses.  Apparently we’re trying something new?  They are, as I said, purple.  They are also Harley Davidson brand, he points out quickly in an effort to restore his masculinity.  Really, I wouldn’t have noticed the purpleness – they’re dark – if my mom hadn’t told me, and I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it myself (perhaps was all a ploy to get me to come home for the weekend?).  So – photographic evidence coming soon.

Anyway, I did go home for the weekend.  Other highlights included: wedding talking, wedding shopping, the movie “Shall We Dance?” and the book The Nanny Diaries.  The book was good – bought it at Goodwill for two bucks and read it in two days.  Mom and I rented the movie because it was the only movie on the “New Release” rack that a) wasn’t SpongeBob or the equivalent, and b) neither of us had seen.  It was pretty good, but I must say my favorite, favorite part was the song “The Book of Love” by Peter Gabriel.  I am officially in love with that song.

That pretty much covers the non-wedding excitement of the weekend.  I’m trying not to go wedding-crazy yet because it is just under 11 months away.  It’s difficult not to get giddy, however, when centerpiece shopping/designing with my mom and staring at my bridesmaid dress online.  I get fitted on Saturday.  I don’t know if this is insanely early or not because I’ve never been in a wedding before.  I’m just happy I get to be involved in some pre-wedding-type excitement, since I will be in Europe for the four months prior to the event.

This brings me to my next point…London.  I guess I’m not shocked, which makes the whole thing even sadder.  I’m confused, sure.  I guess I don’t see the connection…it has something to do with the Summit, right?  Well — aren’t we trying to do something for the good of the world with this Summit?  Doesn’t everybody, aside from Bush, agree on that?  So who decided to attack, and why public transportation in London?  I mean, isn’t that counterproductive too?  Aren’t we trying to promote the use of public transportation in an effort to save global resources and thereby save the world – again, that’s everyone aside from Bush?  Yes, I’m aware that it is all much too complicated for me and my American brain(wash) to understand.


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