Okay, so I’ve been neglecting xanga lately.  Okay, so I’ve been flirting with another blog site.  Several, in fact.  I am an internet blog whore.  But rest assured, my friends…my heart remains with you in xanga.

With that being said (whoa, MC flashback!), I feel I should do something to make up for my recent infidelity.  Something big. Something mega. Something copious. Something capacious. Something cajunga!…But instead, I’ve decided to do this.

Rather than buy groceries, I have opted to buy all my food and spend all of my money at Subway.  Odd decision.  We can probably guess that whatever money I made working 20+ hours of overtime last weekend will immediately be invested in sandwiches.  Beyond this lapse in judgement, I’m doing pretty well with the whole mature twentysomething routine (does 20 count as twentysomething, or is it more like twentynothing?).  The roommates and I haven’t burned down the apartment, despite numerous attempts to bake cardboard.  I even took out the recycling yesterday, that’s how friggin’ grown-up I am.  And I swear, I’m getting better at doing my dishes in a timely fashion so as to not offend Anne (Anne is my phantom roommate because we never know where she is, Heather is my fake roommate because we always know where she is: at Tony’s.  I’m only explaining this so you don’t wonder why I’m writing about all these random people (that one’s for you, Anna))…

So, reunion happened, and it happened well.  I was there, it was exhausting but fun, and here are the good quotes:
“Well if we don’t meet again here, we’ll meet in the other life!” ~ Random old alum
“I may have found some donuts.” ~Sabrina, while carrying bag of minidonuts to our golf cart stash of food
“This is the best golf cart driver…but I don’t remember you.” ~ an Alum telling Sabrina she’s the best and I am, apparently, not
“Rachel – what’s up homegirl?” ~ Greg of Tonic Sol-Fa
Me: “I don’t usually wear a skirt when I help with load-ins.”  Shaun of TSF: “That’s funny, ’cause Mark usually does.”
This wasn’t really about reunion, but it was immediately following a loooooong day: “I ate at Papa John’s.  Papa Man?  Taco Papa?  Taco John’s!” ~Sabrina


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