Interesting.  I was so bitter when this became my class song – mainly because I wanted something else – and two years later I love it and I even think I get it.  Although, I still won’t be coming home next year.

An update of sorts:
-work is crazy this week thanks to reunion, which officially begins tomorrow.  Yay for golf cart-ing old women around campus for sixteen hours of overtime!
-the weather is beautiful at last.  Have gone swimming three days this week – the latest of which was this evening, which is why I missed a bunch of phone calls.  Meant to return them, read Cosmo instead, and now it is too late.  Smooth.
-Will Ferrell Day, version 2.0 tomorrow (Bewitched)
– I hate fish and am, apparently, terrified of swimming turtles
– According to Luke, I eat meat sometimes.  Good to know.
– I rocked the AFI 100 greatest movie quotes – the official count was 35 of the top 50 – not movies I’ve seen, just quotes I predicted.  Yeah.  I’m that cool.

Clearly the main reason I don’t update anymore is that there is nothing much to report.


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