This week has been filled with too much goodness to go undocumented.

I left off with moving in.  So that happened, then Saturday was an amazing holiday known as “Will Ferrell Day.”  It was fantastic.  We went out for Thai food — unrelated to Mr. Ferrell, but a special occasion nonetheless as it was my first Thai experience and a positive one at that.  Then Kicking and Screaming!  There was an absurdly long line.  Sab and I were about ten paces behind mini-T.Kain, so that’s a good omen.  We got in just fine, and from the moment we heard the words “I was born a baby,” breathing stopped and snorting (of laughter) ensued.  Then back to the apartment o’ love for SNL, which was more exciting than the movie.  That’s Will Ferrell day for you, the excitement never stops.

How could any day measure up in comparison?  A phone date with Lacy followed by an excursion to the dollar store/Target might do the trick.  To end the day on a calm note, better pour myself some cereal…and what should fall out of my 75% Less Sugar Cinnamon Toast Crunch box?  A golf-ball sized ball of sugar!  I really hate to see what they put in the Full-On Fully-Loaded with Sugar CTC, aka Instabetes.

On to Monday.  The trauma began at 6, when Luke informed me that Star Wars tickets were already on sale.  I faded out of consciousness and saw visions of myself being beaten to death by Jedi knights Neal and Andy — although they are my friends, they are Star Wars fans first.  Curses on myself for not looking into this earlier!  A quick stop at the crabbiest/slowest Subway ever and on to the theater, where through a miraculous chain of events (if you count being able to write a check at a movie theater miraculous) I was able to purchase four tickets to the midnight premiere.  Breathing resumes.  Sabrina and I barely made it to the dollar theater in time to a) be almost killed by a runaway shopping cart and b) see “Robots.”

I don’t remember Tuesday.

Wednesday was…yesterday…and it was amazing.  Neal and Andy came over after work and Jedi-ed themselves.  A round of applause to Phyllis and Luann for not only understanding their respective sons’ addictions to Star Wars, but aiding them with the construction of what were clearly the best costumes.  Ever.  Since I did not have a costume, I was subject to constant ridicule by my friends, but I didn’t take it seriously.  Really, it’s difficult to take someone seriously when they’re dressed like that.

And while they’re dressed like that, better wander the mall!  So that’s what we did.  Some Jedi, Josh (aka J3PO), Chels (aka Chelbacca), and me (aka RachelD2).  But not for long, because it was imperative that we return to the theater at 8 p.m. because who ever heard of showing up for a movie less than four hours early?

So what if I spent six and a half hours in the theater…so what if I was surrounded by fifteen year olds waving plastic light sabers (which, when you’re hungry, look a lot like popsicles)…so what if I heard that damn Lifehouse song eight thousand times during the movie commercials…so what if I took the morning off from work so I could sleep…I friggin’ saw Star Wars.

Now work is over.  It’s been a good week.

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