Much has happened in the past week.  For starters, I sort of moved.  My belongings have shifted about the equivalent of one city block, from my on-campus dorm to my on-campus apartment.  Of all my moves in the past two years (three…count ’em), this was by far the wimpiest, so of course it’s the only time I had help from my parents.  My dad came up and carried most of the heavy boxes (I did not feel bad for him).  We had some great conversations in what I like to call “Pete-Speak.” What my dad thinks, says, and means are three unconnected things resulting in a garbled mess of good intentions.  An almost verbatim example of this would be: “Say – that building – the old one – why were you – get the keys – you came out of?”  This means, of course, ‘Did you pick up your keys from that old building next to your dorm?”  Like Yoda with a Minnesotan accent.

Anyway, I’m all moved in to my apartment and I love it.  Heather is my roommate, so of course Tony lives there too.  This is okay, provided he cleans up after his pizza like I asked him to.  Grr, Tony.  Grr.

And I’m back at the office, which should explain the lengthy update on basically nothing.  I have more to say, but it’s nine minutes ’til quittin’ time, so I guess I’ll have to leave you all in suspense. 

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