It’s my last night in the suite, so I’m celebrating it by sitting on my bed and watching VH1 for six hours, occasionally getting up to eat peanut butter or run into my disturbingly bare walls.  I’m not complaining about that, it’s a good time (hey, who doesn’t love peanut butter?  Of course it would be nice to share it with someone.  Anyone.  I have four jars).  The only thing I want to complain about is this: the 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock according to VH1…Somebody needs to clarify the definition of ‘hard rock’ for me, because I don’t get this list.  Pink Floyd in the teens but Guns N Roses in the top ten?  The Stones at 67?  But more importantly…Nirvana gets in the top ten and Aerosmith does not (close…11th)?  This disturbs me, and not solely because I worship Aerosmith; no, this disturbs me because Aerosmith vs. Nirvana represents a far greater battle going on in the universe, and that is the battle between Good and Evil.  Except I’m not sure which one of us is good and which one is evil.  Okay, it’s probably more like Tries to be Good vs. Tries to be Evil.  Yeah.  That makes sense.

No it doesn’t.  After reading the above paragraph, I realized it was imperative for me to get out of the room.  So I drove to Barnes and Noble and met Sab for coffee for an hour.  Sanity restored.

I may have killed Anna.  I’m sorry, Anna, that was not my intent.  Can toaster ovens get pneumonia, because if so I should probably take it out of my car before I kill that too.  At least it’s getting the chance to see the world (aka Barnes and Noble parking lot).  Anyway…get well (Anna, not toaster)!

So I’ve spent the past two days back at work in the Alum office.  It’s a good time.  Best part?  First day back on the job, talking to officemate Sabrina at a normal volume and Sabrina’s boss says, “Rachel, could you be quiet?  You can go in the other room if it’s too tempting.”  In retrospect I should have responded, “But I’ll have to talk even louder from there.”  Instead, I assured her I had the ability to not talk for two minutes, and I succeeded…because I was laughing for at least five.

Experienced one of the more traumatic lunch breaks of my life today.  The groundbreaking of the BAC was yesterday, and they’re tearing up the landscape now.  As I walked past this afternoon I saw one of the big spruce trees literally being pushed to the ground.  I heard its bones break.  Then the tree-killing machine turned towards me and I swear I heard the Terminator themesong.  I was too distraught to answer Sabrina when she asked me, “Why is that bike wearing Zubas?”  The drama continued when a maintenance man tried to break down my door while we were picnicking in the living room.  Luckily the door to Lottie 101 was built to withstand the force of a dozen charging elephants, and the maintenance man could not get in and steal my Jelly Bellies, like I suspect was his plan.

Speaking of maintenance…Collegiate Services ripped apart my wall!  I was pretty excited when I came home to see that, let me tell you.  Somehow my tv cable became tangled with the loft, and as they tried to remove the loft, the cable and a good chunk of the wall followed.

What else can I say…I gave my mom yet another Robert Redford movie for Mother’s Day.  Am I the best daughter, or what?


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