The fates have alligned to keep me out of Iowa.

I have plans to go see my birthday buddy next weekend, and I was even going to try take off work on Saturday.  Then my co-worker beat me to the punch and asked me to cover for her.  So I fretted about it for awhile, before deciding Fine.  I owe her, but I will still make this work.  So I worked out this lovely plan in which I would take pictures at Tennis (my sport) at 12, and softball (hers) at 1, hit the road by 2, and borrow Becca’s computer to finish updating stuff once I got to Iowa.  Then today I get this email saying the time for tennis has changed to 2 o’clock…so I could hit the road by 3.  Maybe.

So the question becomes: does the universe hate me, or hate Iowa?


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