At the request of CK, here are some ideas for my birthday.  I even categorized it.

The practical stuff:
– Groceries (as in Coca-cola, Lucky Charms, instant cappucino, Peanut M&Ms, Laffy Taffy…)
– Money
– A literary theory reaction paper (unused)
– Replacement F5 and F6 keys

Gift certificates:
– Caribou Coffee
– Meeting Grounds
– Barnes and Noble (I can use Gift Cards at the Starbucks section)

– The Notebook
– Old School
– Van Wilder (shut up, it’s a guilty pleasure)
– Other movies I commonly steal from my friends (who will not live here this summer)
– Gift certificate to movies…that’s another one

– Crap, I don’t have any in mind!  Ack, I’m going illiterate!  Same with music, but you know my tastes…they’re random…

Long shots, but I don’t want to miss the opportunity because I didn’t ask:
– A movie star
– A million dollars (or more)
– Ty Pennington
– Indiana Jones
– Jimmy Fallon
– What was that?  I got distracted for a minute there…
– The ability to climb walls like Spiderman
– Actually, any super power would do it
– An autographed headshot of Jay Leno from 1990…oh wait, I already have that one
– Tickets to Oprah, who will solve any and all of my problems with a snap of her magic Oprah fingers
– The Six Pack together again
– Eddie Izzard
– Free college
– A roller skating rink
– A bowling alley…I already have a bowling ball! We’re halfway there!
– A time machine

In reality, all I want is a little attention (surprise, surprise).  So gimme!


One response

  1. How about I get you a time machine back to your childhood? But that’s only if you come to Iowa. And the Universe does not hate you or Iowa….life just gets complicated sometimes.:)

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