It’s a Sunday night!  The rest of the world is watching Desperate Housewives, doing homework, and preparing to go to bed early to face the week ahead.  What am I doing?  Busting a xanga, eating Laffy Taffy and going to a movie!  And I don’t even care anymore.  No more of those “I work all the time, I need to have fun at random times” or “I only have one class tomorrow, so it’s not a big deal” excuses.  I have a ton of shit to do, of this I am aware.  I even made a very detailed and organized list of my projects on my computer post-it..rather than actually working on any of said projects.  And I had time to do it today, but instead I have gone to the park and eaten ice cream, I have walked back and forth across campus four times, I have avoided anything of any importance.

What a people-filled weekend…it was insane.  Jenna visited this weekend (hi Jenna…six months from now you will smile!), Anna has a prospective student, Lance spent a good chunk of time in the suite, and it’s Lil Sibs weekend.  I love my single room.


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