Shit, I left my syllabus in my room and now I don’t know what I’m supposed to read and write a paper on for my class, which is in 1 hour and 35 minutes, by the way.  Well, okay, I read half of what I’m supposed to, but it’s friggin’ Karl Marx and I don’t really understand it, and I was counting on the easy half of the assignment to help me through this paper.  And now I’m sitting all alone in this room of the computer lab at SJU waiting to go to class, unlike the rest of the population of the world, which has taken early spring break to leave for Bermuda.  Where am I going for spring break again?  Oh yeah, Renville.  Even OKC was more exotic than Renville.  There was a Cowboy museum.  And two potential hobos who may or may not have chased me six blocks through the city at night…okay, I take it back.  Renville, I love you.  Even if we had a hobo who tried to chase me, it wouldn’t be for six blocks unless I got lost and circled a few on the way to safety.

So I’ve come to terms with spring break, which is all well and good, but this still doesn’t solve the Crisis of the Paper, which is now due in 1 hour and 29 minutes, FYI.  The class period last time was so good, too!  We talked about movies, my only area of relative expertise.  You know you’re a movie freak when you know more about a movie then your film professor.  Might be going to a movie tonight if weather doesn’t improve…not a friggin’ flake around here, but apparently schools are being cancelled around home.  And since my mom is anti-Racheldriving all the time…this is not looking good.

Shit shit, Time is slipping away and I still don’t have the magical answer to my problems.

EDIT:  Take that, Lit Theory paper.  I finished you in forty-five minutes and I even got in an obscure reference to Monty Python.  HA.


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