What’s up, world…

Only a few more days before spring break for me and the rest of my CSB/SJU crew.  I don’t know what I’m doing yet, or even when I’m going home.  Mom doesn’t want me home right away, something about the kitchen counters not being finished in time.  You should know by now not to ask questions…I gave that up long ago.  Another thing about my family: whenever someone leaves a voicemail, it begins like this: “Hi, this is your mother/brother/dad calling”  Not hi, it’s K; nope, it’s Your Brother Calling.  We’re not into names in our family.  We walk around going Hi Brother, where’s Mother?  I don’t know, Sister.  We’re very much like the Berenstein Bears in that respect.

Back to spring break.  I’ve invited everyone I know to visit me, and a few people have taken me up on this offer, and now I don’t know how to organize it.  Maybe I’ll just see where my car wants to go (I’m guessing Canada, Las Vegas, or a gas station).  My one big project for the week will be organizing my photo album.  Oh Rachel, you crazy devil.

Yikes.  I’ve been hanging around Jesse too much.


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