It’s time for Weekend Update!

So, Friday I had the night off, and Anna and I decided on “Million Dollar Baby.”  Go to it.  Bring tissues.  And beware the jalepeno-flavored sweet-tarts.

Afterwards, we wanted to watch a happy movie, so we picked “Man On Fire” (obviously we didn’t know what that one was about either) and “Supersize Me.”  I’m glad I watched “Supersize Me,” even if all food in general appears disgusting now.  So that was my wild and crazy Friday night activity, aside from dying….Anna’s hair.

Saturday, I woke up at 11:21, checked my voicemail, and it was my boss telling me the call time had been changed from 2:00 to 11:30.  I was scheduled to work from 2-11.  Show of hands:  how many people think I went in at 11:30???  Calling me forty-five minutes before (making it before the 11 o’clock rule, so it was a double offense) you want me to work falls under the “Not Okay” category in my book.  My boss didn’t care when I did show up (at 2) for the sold-out bluegrass concert/hick convention taking place at 8 pm.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a great bluegrass concert (Sam Bush), and I’d never heard an electric mandolin before.  Cross that off the list.  But it was a long day of preparation, southern accents (so many “y’alls” and “darlin’s” I had to counterattack by overdoing the MinnesOOOOOHtan), and a looooooooong concert.  Instead of leaving at 11, the show ended at 11.  Then we loaded out…

So I was pushing a case filled with drum stands outside, through slush and black ice, and the wheels kept catching on the brick path.  So I decided to pull it.  Bad idea, I discovered, as it tipped onto me.  But I caught it, called myself Wonderwoman, ignored the two fifty-something ‘groupies’ who were watching me work, and went back to pushing.  This worked for approximately ten feet, at which point the wheels caught the end of the sidewalk and the whole thing pitched forward and created a resounding crash.  Two, actually, as I decided the best course of action would be to fall on top of the case filled with expensive drum equipment.

I’m sprawled on the case when I hear the two groupies chuckle, “How you doin’ darlin’?”

Peachy, darlin’.  Just friggin’ peachy.

Got home at 12:30 for more sportswork, bitched around for a while, and went to bed.  Got out of bed, went back to work at a tennis game, and tried to come home but wouldn’t you know it, the mall got in my way.  Darnedest thing.  So I figured I better take advantage of this opportunity, and found my way to the VS, and the VS found a way to my heart.  Following the “Why buy one when you can buy (obscenely high number)” theory, I wallked out a better person.


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