Don’t worry, I found the Chinese food.  Turns out it was at the Chinese restaurant.  Sometimes what you’re looking for…

I just noticed the annoying advertisement at the top of this page says “KISS JONNY DEPP and get a free designer handbag.”  (If it was Johnny Depp, maybe more people would be interested.)  One kiss equals one designer handbag…I wonder what you get if you sleep with him…

Okay, everybody stop thinking about bartering for prostitution!  New topic!

Apparently it’s March now.  What the hell happened to February, eh?  I’m not ready for this month…there are midterms involved (shudder).  But in good news, hockey and swimming and diving are both FINISHED for the season.  That means tomorrow I will have a night off for the first time in…ever.  Aside from last week, but that was an accident.  Anyway, Anna and I are maybe going to a movie (Anna, are we going to a movie?).  I’m voting “Million Dollar Baby,” “Sideways,” or “The Pacifier.”

“One of these things is not like the other things, one of these things just doesn’t belong.  Can you tell me which thing is not like the other things before I finish this song?”  Too late, you lose!  My defense in wanting to see “The Pacifier” is that I miss Becca, and maybe feel like I can channel her spirit through Vin Diesel.  That should be an advertisement, “WATCH VIN DIESEL and channel the spirit of Becca!”  I bet it would do better than poor Jonny, with his mountain of designer handbags and no one to kiss.


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  1. Swimming and diving is one program.  And I did try to visit you, Lottie 121, but no one was there.  Stupidheads.
    Bummer, I totally just threw my pants in the laundry with my chapstick in the pocket.  Shoot.
    Anyway, I just remember why I wanted to post.  I just wanted to say that at some point during my getting-ready-ness this morning, I had this thought: “I don’t know much, but I do know that nobody puts Baby in a corner, and you don’t talk to Billy Idol that way.”  I watch too many movies.

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