Oscar Notes/Questions:

*The only one of the biggies I got wrong was Best Picture.  Interesting.

*What did I tell you?  A bunch of old white men.

*Why are they playing the Terminator themesong during the credits?  I didn’t realize that was Oscar’s themesong as well.

*Sean Penn has stopped being a person and is now just a character.  Someday someone will win a best supporting actor for playing him.

*Who’s excited the Best Song went to one NOT sang by Beyonce?

*Charlie Kaufman is the shit.  The Oscar-winning shit.

*I usually cry at the “In Memory” section, but I was totally thrown off by Yo-Yo Ma’s presence.  Not because he wasn’t good and not because of his name (well, not entirely), but because I remembered that my cousin is in an orchestra with his daughter and says that Yo-Yo (tee-hee) comes to all their concerts and falls asleep.

*I wish Chris Rock hadn’t made that joke about Drive-Thru Oscars.  They might take him seriously.

*I’m obsessive.


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