Holy wow, so I have to tell you — you being everybody I know — about my dream/s last night.  It was so weird, even for me.

So, I am in my room at school when I find a door to the outside where my window would normally be.  So, being smart, I lock it.  All is well and good until some bikers come in.  The one in front (who looks like my friend Joe who does NOT, in fact, resemble a biker) says, “Hey, your door’s unlocked.”  And he leaves.  I follow him out the door onto this patio I have suddenly acquired, and suddenly we are surrounded by police who are interrogating the bikers for breaking into my room.  Now I’m mad that the cops are jumping to conclusions and I tell them so.  They grew angry with me, and I decide it would be in my best interest to leave.

Next second, I have mystically arrived at an abandoned theater, where all of my friends are hanging out and having a pizza party.  I sit next to Clarissa, eat a piece of pizza, and throw popcorn at Mark and Andy.  End scene because now it is time to head back to school.  Neal and I get in my blue car and I drive back to school by way of the freeway, and I miss my turn.  I take the next exit and wouldn’t you know it, I’m in the middle of a parade.  Of cartoon characters.

I swear, it gets weirder.

So, I need to turn around, right?  I turn into what looks like a parking lot, but turns out is an outdoor cafe for the Lions Club at which the cast of Sex and the City is eating.  Somehow I turn the car around and head back on the street, only to find out it’s a one-way and a large marching band led by Mel Gibson (with the Lethal Weapon-style mullet) is about to trample my car.  Better just fold up the car and start walking then…so I do.  I fold my car into this little round briefcase-type-thing and start walking on the sidewalk.  I pass by a bus full of Looney Toons and wave to the bus driver, who is of course Bruce Willis.  I say, “Hey Bruce!” and point to my car-case-thing, which is remarkably light.  Then I smile, like, “ha-ha Bruce, I sure showed you” and he smacks his head like, “yep, you sure did, I’m the loser here!”

Jennif and I (Neal disappeared, or I folded him into my car, and Jennif took his place) walk through a building and reach a very steep set of stairs.  My car has now transformed into a circular sled, and Jennif has one too, so we start sledding down the stairs, through the hallway, out the door, and across the street, at which point we are in a park in Chicago.  Jennif decides she needs to try the sledding thing again, and I decide it’s time to wake up.

So that’s my dream.  I was pretty active last night.  No wonder I’m still tired.


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