I’m not watching anything right now, but I have an insane urge to watch “Witness.”  Harrison Ford in the eighties, and his love interest is named Rachel.  If only she wasn’t Amish, I could pretend it was me.

Contrary to the rest of the single population of the world, I don’t really hate Valentine’s Day.  This is because I never really celebrate it  (CK and I tried to once, but we ended up celebrating Happy February 19th Day instead because we procrastinated so much).  What I will celebrate tomorrow is the third anniversary of the Target Shoplifting Extravaganza.  Is it bad that on the day of Love (albeit Hallmark Brand Love), all I think about is petty theft?

Worked for 7.25 hours today at the Clarks concert on campus.  It was a good time.  Then I realized that last year on February 13th I worked a concert as well, for Matt Nathanson.  I have to admit I liked last year’s better, but these guys were pretty sweet too.

Only three days of classes this week.  And then I get paid on Wednesday.  That deserves a Napoleon-style  “Yessssssssssssssss….”


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